Use IT or Lose IT

Use IT or Lose IT

The interactive session, “Use IT or Lose IT”, presented by Mr Vikram Idnani, Head-IT, Trent Ltd and Mr Siju Narayan, Smarter Commerce Lead, IBM, grab the audiences’ attention instantly with presentation of real life experience by retailers when it comes to dealing with technology platform.


Outside-in Experience: Optimized use of existing technology

The experience can be outside-in when an outside agent, here in this case an IT vendor, came to rescue in terms of helping in utilization of unexplored features of a software application. The moral of the story here is proper use of technology propels growth, materializing the expectations you have for the application.

Inside-in Experience: Identify problems and deploy the apt technology

Here the situation is all about a problem a retailer is facing and how internal discussion ultimately leads to identifying a technology platform that results in the betterment of the situation. The moral is solution was in internal discussion leads to rectification with the help of outside agent.

What can lead to optimal use of technology?

Make sure that users know how to use it

Make sure users use it

Keep asking: “What more?”

Think “Low cost start-up, long term use”


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