The State of Retail e-Marketing in India: Insights from the India Retail e-Marketing Study 2013

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Mr Punit Modhgil, Founder-Director, presented the Report : The State of Retail e-marketing in India: Insights from the India Retail e-Marketing Study 2013 @ ReTechCon 2013.





The key findings by this survey are:

  • 27% of offline retailers surveyed have planned to embrace online retail
  • 27% of the retail companies surveyed heavily use technology for marketing efforts while 44% use it to some extent. On the flipside 26% of respondents say they use minimal technology while 4% don’t use technology.
  • About 55% of offline retailers using mobile as amarketing channel while only 10 of the online retailers are doing the same
  • While 58% of offline retailers think sales and special offers get them maximum customer engagement, while 20% of online retailers think similarly.
  • Of the surveyed offline retailers, close to 71% chose social media for marketing investments while 36% chose email marketing. At the same time, for online retailers 70% of them prefer social media at the same time 70% prefer email marketing too.
  • 80% of all e-commerce companies and about 51% of all offline retailers revealed to have sales revenue in the 0-100 crore range.  At the same time, about 20% of online retailers and 23% of offline retailers chose the 101-500 crore range. According to RAI-Octane data there are no e-commerce companies in the 500+ crore revenue range, while 27% of offline retail respondents do fall into that category.
  • Only 2% of all retailers surveyed for this study seem to be dominating their markets with over 75% market share, while a slightly larger 4% of the retailers revealed to have between 51% to 75% of the market share. 59% of retail companies are struggling to find sure foothold.

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