The Really-Easy-Quiz Contest (Day 1)

The Retail Leadership Summit 2013 is round the corner & we’re in the mood to ring it in with some fun. And shortly, the contest will start on Twitter.

How it works — The Really-Easy-Quiz contest.

  1. We’ll ask 10 very very easy questions on Twitter.
  2. All you have to do is to find the answers on our websites or Or Google. Every tweet will have the hash tag #rls2013. Watch out for it on Twitter!
  3. Search for the answer & tweet it to us. Just remember to include the hash tag #rls2013.
  4. Watch out for some hints that we’ll throw you from time to time.
  5. There is a Gift Voucher courtesy Domino’s worth Rs. 200 for the first person to get the right answer to every question.
  6. There’s bonus prize too! The person/s who get the maximum answers right (and we expect that to be 10/10 – this is the really easy quiz after all) gets the grand prize!
  7. And yes, if you can help us spreading the word. We’ll reward you with something really really special!. Just RT & tag your friends.

So, all the best!

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