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Retail is a very young industry – not in terms of years of existence, but the average age of employees working in the industry. More than 50 per cent of the employees in most organizations will be in the age group 18-25. This young group is tech savvy – their lives revolve around their phones, they are on facebook and other social media and yet, we still persist in engaging with them through the traditional methods. Sheetal Choksi, director and co-founder, TRRAIN shares interesting apps we can use for employee engagement.


Engaging employees, recognizing their hardwork on a weekly basis – even daily is not difficult and expensive. With use of technology, there are many cost-effective ways to engage with your employees. While the technology discussed below is what is being used internationally, these can easily be adapted for the Indian organizations.

Given below are some apps that organizations are using to effectively and efficiently engage employees.

These are social sharing forums that are easy to learn, are creative and fun and in some instances also allow employees to share the same with friends and family, allowing them to look good with family and friends.

These apps also allow for frequency of recognition – can be daily, weekly and encourage employees to share their praises in public. A lot of these have been developed by startups in various parts of the world and provide low cost options such that companies – big and small can use the same.

Some of the apps available online are:

iappreciate: This is an app developed by O C Tanner, USA. The company through its iappreciate platform enables organizations to use the app to set a date for an employee recognition event, invite people to speak, create certificates in 14 languages, and set reminders for birthday and anniversaries. Employees can use the app to send e-cards to fellow workers. Related applications let people share their accomplishments on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and use a virtual bulletin board to post digital certificates and notes.

SPARCET: SPARCET is an employee recognition and engagement app that provides unfiltered peer-to-peer recognition across an organization. SPARCET is a free application that fuels engagement through recognition. Sparcet is a public, virtual “great job” and a way of sharing and letting someone know you appreciate them. Sending a Sparcet takes less than a minute and provides personal and shared recognition for individuals across an organization.

Give a WOW: Is a app specially designed by Terryberry, a company based in north America . Employees can use the Terryberry virtual bulletin board and give each other virtual high-fives. They can then share these on Facebook and Twitter. The program connects with a company’s intranet so employees can use their existing user name and password to log in.

irecognize: Another app from the Terryberry company which allows employees to send recognition instantly via Facebook, Twitter or Txt,  give appreciation e-cards, keep a calendar for important recognition dates and reminders, access tons of recognition tools, checklists and resources.

Socialcast Thanks: Socialcast by VMware has added a new feature called Thanks which allows peer-to-peer and management recognition of a job well done, in real time. Social cast thanks has a customer library of badges that people can use to say their thanks.



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