The dramatic birth of an e-shopper


Today is world embarrassment day. At least for me.

I had gone to the office canteen for chai, and Richa was raving about the variety available at some place called Dealz Planet. This shop sounded interesting, so I asked Richa if they had a branch in Ghatkopar. There was a second of total silence, and then everyone in the canteen burst out laughing. I didn’t dare look, but I am sure my boss was in the canteen too.

How was I to know that this was a website? Oh God oh God oh God. Knowing Richa, it must be all over FB and What’sApp by now 🙁


I am sure the security guard was hiding his smile when he greeted me in the morning… wonder if someone told him!!!

Anyway I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal of e-shopping. Give me the real thing any day – how can a few doubThe dramatic birth of an e-shopperle clicks compensate for the bargaining and deals at a real shop?

Besides, the weekend is coming up. I am sure it will take just a few hours to learn about e-shopping and some cool jargon, especially when I have my best friend Google to help me


Unearthly hour of the morning

Yay the weekend has begun! I have sneaked up to the ipad while the family is still offline, snoring. Have googled Dealz Planet, and the home page has come up. Step 1 accomplished. Just need to quickly scan the page. Not expecting this thing to be a patch on the real thing… a few minutes more and I can go back to bed.

The dramatic birth of an e-shopper2Later in the morning

OMG this isn’t a planet, Dealz Universe is more like it!!! Everything is on sale here… and not just the miserly chillar discounts you get at the market! These guys have up to 60% off on just about everything.

Aaaarrrrgh! Why did the family have to wake up so early? It’s only 10 am……..

After dinner

Hubby just asked me if I was in love with someone, because he saw me ‘looking longingly at the ipad’. He was more right than he knew 🙂

I have totally and hopelessly lost my heart to a purple designer kurti on Dealz Planet, that too at half-price!

After midnight

I have done it! I registered on Dealz Planet! I can’t believe I am shopping after all the shops in town have closed.

Putting things in the shopping cart is such fun – no pushing and shoving with aggressive shoppers at this clearance sale!

I have ordered a whole Chota Bheem action figure set for my nephew Akash (30% off, yippee), a lovely pair of kiddie sandals for my little Tanvi (without having to chase her all over the shop, what bliss).

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I will pick up one, or maybe two things for myself (not counting the purple kurti), better catch some beauty sleep now…


10:00 am

My kurti is still on sale, but there’s a problem.

What if it’s too small? I’ve checked out different views, but hey, I can’t buy it without seeing it on myself in the trial room mirror.

10:03 am

AHA, I AM SAVED!!!! This site has a feature that says that if I can’t go to a trial room, the trial room will come to me. I just need to try out the kurti when it gets delivered, and if it doesn’t fit, BINGO, it goes back.

In that case, I’ll also buy that lovely formal shirt and some lingerie as well. Can’t make that poor delivery guy run around for a single kurti hahaha.

Special bonus: When anyone says COD in the future, I won’t’ look foolish by thinking they’re talking about a fish! Another reason to love the Cash On Delivery feature – don’t have to see my sins on my card bill.



My parcel’s on its way!!! Got an sms from Dealz Planet to say my stuff is arriving today. I hope everything fits. Even though it won’t cost anything to return it.


It’s here. And it fits. Everything fits! Good thing I followed the fitting guide on the site.

I am a cutting-edge shopper! (and a cutting-edge mom – the kiddie stuff was a big hit).


OK so that was fun while it lasted.

Now’s the time to exercise self-control. Can’t become a shopaholic like all those addicts who have nothing else in their heads.

The dramatic birth of an e-shopper3

In any case I had started this whole exercise as a sort of education. And my task is now complete –  I am an e-shopper. I officially ‘like’ Dealz Planet on Facebook, ‘follow’ it on Twitter and Pinterest and publicly ‘+1’ the site. I am done with e-shopping, once I do the right thing by writing a couple of reviews. But wait ….

What’s this?

Another online store?

Up to 80% discounts?

Same-day delivery?

Gotta go diary, I have urgent work to attend to.

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