Round Table on Emerging Strategies of Marketers for winning the new consumer

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From Left To Right:

Deepa Thomas, Head Corporate Communications & eCommerce Evangelist, eBay India; Madan Mohapatra, Head Media Marketing, Future Group; Deepshikha Surendran,  Head Marketing, Infiniti Retail Ltd.; Uma Talreja,  Head Marketing Westside, Trent Ltd; Puneet Varma, GM & Head Marketing & Corporate Communication, Inorbit Malls (India) Pvt.Ltd; Rajiv Nair, CEO, Celio Future Fashion Limited; Ashish Jalani,  , eTailing India; Rachna Nath, ED, PWC; Abhishek Gupta, Head Marketing The Mobile Store Ltd; Anaggh Desai, Co Founder, Chlorophyll Experience Consulting; Jasmeet Singth Gulati, Co-Founder & CEO, NowFloats; Vikas Choudhary, COO AIMIA;

Vinay Bhatia,
Sr. VP. Marketing & Loyalty,
Shoppers Stop Ltd


How to win new consumers?

03“Winning a customer and building up a relation with customers is important. ” – Madan Mohapatra, Future Group

• We developed new events around regional customs like “jamai sashthi” in Kolkata,

• To enhance reach beyond the 90 cities that Big Bazaar operates in – introduced a  loyalty programme

• The program merges online with human interfaces – by using franchisees to deliver last mile connectivity.

How do you win customers

04“Despite the importance of data driven marketing we think product is the core that wins customers” –

Rajiv Nair, Celio Future Fashion Limited

We do a year worth of work that actually reaches to customers. The same product which are sold in France are available here in India too except some seasonal offerings. Indian customers are value conscious and we too don’t belong to ultra premium category

We have a socially integrated loyalty programme on mobile platform to know more about customers. The program connects customers across the world who are talking about the brand, Celio rewards the customer for being social – consumers can accumulate points.

Social as a  platform to win customers

05“The advantage of social  – is it gives the retailer opportunity to get to know your customers, and to profile them” –

Uma Talreja, Trent Ltd

Social programs in Retail companies need the product and marketing teams to work together to drive success.

Social can drive traffic to the store – provided it’s supported by location and in-store experience.

Finally, the tone of voice on Social – can help attract customers to the brand and store experience.

Social media to win consumers

06“I rather like to see facebook as a means to engage customers rather than win a customer” – Abhishek Gupta, The Mobile Store Ltd

Effective use of Facebook can lead you to hear the voice of the customers, be it for a new product launch or making a crucial business decision

Relevance of Social Media

07“Social media is now a part and parcel of brand communications to target young consumers.” – Anaggh Desai, Chlorophyll Experience Consulting

It’s important to have a mechanism to accurate measure voice and velocity on social media.

That framework allows brands to decide on the ROI of spend on social

E-commerce scenario

08“Last December 89 million of Indian came online to shop out of which 40 million bought. Ecommerce is here to stay embrace the channel and have a presence.” – Deepa Thomas, eBay India

Ebay sells products of big retailers as well as very small retailers who employ 2-3 persons. They all reach out to the 4306 cities where we have consumers in India as well as exports in 201 countries around the globe.

Ecommerce as a channel?

09“Ecommerce has to be considered as a new channel and for which a new marketing strategy has to be adopted and adapted to. ” – Deepshikha Surendran, Infiniti Retail Ltd.

The importance lies in pushing the brand thoughts across the channels as a seamless exercise so that the brand is appreciated as the most preferred brand amongst the customers. That should be the core of the strategy.

Role of Technology

10“Technology is moving very fast so ecommerce has to be a part of the strategy.. ” –

Jasmeet Singth Gulati, NowFloats



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