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Monginis makes use of clever design, visual merchandising and branding to further augment the customer experience at its stores

Monginis-store1Recently, Monginis the household brand set out to update its retail experience to maintain its leadership position in the minds of its consumers. Although Monginis enjoyed the loyalty of its customers, there was a gap in perception when compared to competition —local bakeries and cake shops that boasted of ‘fresh baked’ products from ovens kept right inside the stores. Monginis addressed this through revamping its store design, visual merchandising, communication and service at the front end to reposition the store as a ‘smart cakery from a consultative cake specialist’.

The plan
The customer journey was planned to clearly communicate the brand’s strengths and commitment to consistent quality and freshness riding on the back of cutting-edge cake making technology supported by a robust cold chain that delivered fresh products to every store daily.

The store layout was reconfigured to give more space for customer circulation and experience inside a compact area of 300 sft. The interior design palette used was a combination of brand colors combined with earthy colors, materials and textures that are associated with a modern café. Communication and imagery was planned in the store at strategic points to highlight the Monginis advantage with clarity and assertiveness.

Monginis-store3The change
The store experience has been clearly segmented into three zones: The Quick Bite (Puffs & savories), The Quick Pick (Packaged cakes and savories) and The Core (Fresh Cakes & services), aligned respectively from the store entrance. Unlike regular bakeries that sell over the counter, the first two zones are self-service. The zones lead to The Core – a section located at the rear of the shop where can customers make informed and involved decisions of higher value. It’s also a zone where they are serviced with more attention.

A clear view of the fresh snacks in the Quick Bite zone helps build additional footfall into the store. An organized planogram supported with product and brand communication assist customers in having a convenient and enjoyable experience in The Quick Pick zone in the store. The Core zone presents the wide variety of specialty designer cakes in the Monginis portfolio. Digital tabs and a wall mounted screen help emphasize the range. Selective party accessories are placed in this zone to help complete the celebration purchase.

After having successfully tried it at one store, the brand is in the process of rolling out the new concept to the rest of the 750 outlets across the country to keep delighting customers in the new-age.

The name Monginis has been around from the early 1900s with Italian Mongini brothers. In 1965, the business was bought over by the Khorakiwala family who turned it into a professional bakery unit and pioneered Franchising in the Bakery Industry in India. “The business model of Monginis is founded on the commitment of delivering ‘Factory to Fork quality’ to the consumer for which we have vertically integrated our baking ecosystem that matches global benchmarks in this segment. Our vision is to ‘be a part of every celebration in India’ and this has been delivered through a dominant network of 18 ISO 22000:2005 Certified Factories, 750+ Cake Shops across 150 cities, 1700+ distributors and 70+ super stockists,” explained Qusai Khorakiwala, Director, Monginis Foods Pvt. Ltd. Monginis is the first brand to have professionalized bakery business in India and made it a nation-wide success. The purpose of the rebranding was to drive home the fact that Monginis is not just another bakery chain but an institution that pioneered the professional bakery retailing in India.

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Surender Gnanaolivu

Surender Gnanaolivu

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