Supply Chain Summit 2013: Sustainability & Collaboration


RAI’s Supply Chain Summit 2013 was about sustainability, collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking and pushing the envelope of Indian supply chain industry to world class standards. STOrai highlights key conversations:

“Moving Towards a World Class Supply Chain” was the theme of Supply Chain Summit 2013.

Meeting the expectations of the multi-channel consumers for speed and convenience is forcing many retailers to revamp their supply chain models. The Summit focused on how Indian Retailers are optimizing their supply chains for the customer.

The Summit was organized in partnership with the European Union, under the SWITCH-Asia project. The project is aimed at Sustainability in Consumption and Production (SCP) and uses forums such as RAI’s Supply Chain Summit to target Retailers, and their vendors to adopt sustainable practices in supply chain management.

Event Highlights:
Panel discussions on Sustainability, Managing Perishable Food Chains, Collaboration models, and handling Transportation / Logistics Costs.

Release of the RAI-E&Y report on “Movement of Goods” which profiled the supply ecosystem in India and RAI-Symbiosis Center for Management report on Supply Chain 2013.  The latter profiled the supply chain of 50 participating retailers.

Presentation by the Dabbawalla foundation – on how they achieve 99.9% accuracy, across the 3 mio meals delivered daily, and their innovative “Share” initiative, which ensures that food is not wasted.
Presentation on AMUL’s supply chain design – which delivers 20 mio liters of milk everyday, across the country.

The event started with a prestigious key note speaker Dr. Arno Schaefer, Minister Counsellor, Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation to India, who opened the event by presenting his view on the Indian retail industry and also talked about the EU’s Switch Project. The project focusses on creating awareness about the levers for sustainability in the supply chain – in the food and beverages category and targets retailers and their vendors in its awareness to get the industry to adopt sustainable practices.

The event also witnessed five engrossing panel discussions. Snippets of the conversation are as follows.
Event_3 Event_4 Event_5 Event_6 Event_7 Event_8 Event_9 Event_10 Event_11 Event_12

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