Retail Technologies for Omni-Channel Retailer

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Mr Raj Maini, Worldwide Director of Marketing, Visual Retailing-Intelligent Systems group, Intel Corporation, touched upon the subjects like identifying omni-channel retailers, why there’s the need for embracing omni-channel retail and vision and technology for technology framework, and substantiating these points he made a presentation on Intel-Tata Elxi case study.


To begin with he defined the omni-channel shoppers as those who can shop any product anywhere and at any time. There is paradigm shift in purchasing behavior of today’s shoppers. Retailers have understood that not being on omni-channel means losing sales.. Successful omni-channel retailing is about providing consistent branding across channels.

A recent survey has revealed:

More than 15% retailers have made an investment in IT for omni-channel  in 2013 – this was only 3% in 2012!

Intel is now working on connected store experience. Intel omni-channel framework can be operated remotely to ensure seamless connected experience, at the same ensuring a secured system.

It’s a simple understanding that technology has to be used for the convenience of the customers. And at the same time it has to be understood that technology cannot be pushed across channels, rather retailers should feel the necessity of strengthening infrastructure with IT support. They should recognize the areas where technology deployment is essential.

The case highlighted how Intel, along with Tata Elxi implemented intelligent digital signage: Intel@AIM (Audience Impression Metric) at a fashion store. This signage can capture the impression of buying behavior of potential buyers in store, aiding the retailers in effective merchandise management. Intel@IAF (IAF) is a mobile data analytics. Using data mining technologies, IAF ensure the smart phone users receive only those product ads that they would like to buy.


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