From loyalty to love: Turn your customers into brand evangelists

Moderator – Rick Wackerbarth, Deloitte

Andre Tiwari, COO, PinMeTo
Chitti Babu, CEO, Wirecard
Mayank Mohan, Director, Mohanlal Sons
Raghu Lakkapragada, COO,
Rajiv Nair, CEO, Kaya Ltd.
Rahul Chadha, CEO & Director, RWL Healthworld Ltd.
Sandeep Kulhalli, Sr. Vice President – Retail and Marketing-Jewelry Divison, Titan Company Ltd.
Saurabh Vidyadhar Gadgil, Chairman & Managing Director, PNG Jewellers

Customer satisfaction begets loyalty… Loyalty shapes brand evangelists

“Getting your customers to say that your product is exactly what they need is the best kind of marketing any brand could ask for. And the key to achieving this is ensuring your products deliver total satisfaction value so that the customer stays loyal to your brand.”, explains Andre Tiwari, as he noted the role that customers play in building a brand’s image and value within the market.

As market dynamics evolve and diversify with time, the need for brands to form a strong bond with their consumers becomes even more imperative. Understanding what the consumer wants and being able to deliver a little more than expected forms the key to creating the kind of positive impression that will stay with the consumer for a long time; as Saurabh Vidyadhar Gadgil elaborates “Amalgamating the product and/or service with an experience is what creates brand recall. The most efficient way to go about this is by creating new touch points that would resonate with consumers’ purchase needs, both impulse and intent.”

Ravi Nair speaks about the importance of being innovative in the services that brands offer to the consumers, as he comments “You need offer consumers something unique. There’s a whole big section of the market out there that desire personalized services and products, and brands that fulfill this need are able to deliver the kind of exceptional customer retail experience that creates loyal customers”. Personalized approach forms the crux of the ideal customer retail experience, with several brands adopting a consultative approach in offering their products and services, wherein new age interactive technology plays a key role in encouraging product choice and delivering efficacy in outcome. This has proven to increase the ‘value fetch’ per person with an overall increase in the lifetime value of consumer’s association with the brand.

Paying close attention to qualitative customer life cycle management is one of the key aspects of improving customer experience, and one of the means to do this is to qualitatively listen to the customer’s voice on social media about their experiences and respond it at the earliest. “Using social media to your advantage to leverage your brand’s presence and value is one of the quickest path to growth. Positive engagement of customers, especially online, is key!” asserts Raghu Lakkapragada.

In conclusion, the aspect of qualitative demand fulfilment is what will drive affirmative customer engagement and positive retail experience, all of which will prompt the consumer to act as the brand’s most vital marketing tool.

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