Festive Fervor Catches on! – Part 7

Mobile Store’s Festive Mania

Cover-Story24“After food, apparel and jewelry Mobile phone is the most brought during festive season. In fact these days we see a trend that during festival if the gold prices rise they come to buy mobile phones instead as that too is a metal, thus festive season is surely promising for us. To make the most of this opportunity we will launch all the new releases, we also will be having a live display. More importantly we are working with brands to co-create interesting offers. While on the flip side the issue we see is the Rupee-dollars spoiling chemistry which affects the buying power of the consumer, as the manufacturers are already raising their costs by 3-5%.

Cover-Story23Thus to tackle this challenge we are ensuring the mobile becomes more affordable, by introducing the non-credit card EMI scheme, For the first time now a customer can buy their dream phone on EMI without a Credit Card only at The MobileStore. Thus while the total cost of the mobile increases when it is broken down into digestible EMI figures the affordability remains intact. On the VM front apart from the thematic decoration of the entire store we also create small corners which we call to be the Melas, which have a more traditional touch to it and thus prove to be an interesting element.” shares Himanshu Chakrawarti, CEO, The MobileStore.

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