Festive Fervor Catches on! – Part 5

Tanishq’s Tango for this Festive Season!

Cover-Story20Jewelry features amongst the top categories purchased during festive season, it becomes quintessential to know what a jeweler does during this ‘Golden period’. Thus one of the leading brands of the Jewelry sector, Tanishq shares its plans.


Plans for the season!

Cover-Story19“For the upcoming festivities we are planning on exciting discount and exchange offers for our customers. As this season is considered to be the most auspicious for gold purchase – we at Tanishq aim to be a part of our customers’ celebrations by offering exciting offers in our jewellery range. With annual festivals, celebrations and holidays coming up – we expect consumption of plain gold as well as other studded jewellery.”  highlights, Deepika S Tewari, General Manager, Marketing- Jewellery Division, Tanishq.


VM Checklist @ Tanishq

  • Master data sheet to be updated before the start of the project
  • All stakeholders to be on the same page from the start – share deadlines and update as when changes are taking place
  • Production team to be abreast with the calendar and campaign roll out plan
  • Regional teams to be informed and roped in advance
  • Share a daily work progress chart with all concerned department, a month before the campaign begins
  • Prepare the display guidelines and ensure it accompanies the kit when despatched
  • Follow up on the display with each store through the regional teams on execution updates

Adding further Deepika says, “The festive season is usually very busy for the marketing department as we need to organize all the marketing and promotional activities together. A lot of advertising and promotional activities keeps us very occupied throughout this season.”

Key Highlights @ Tanishq


  • To keep our stores well stocked with a wide range of jewellery offerings. Intelligent stocking and logistics play a very key role in smooth operation during this season.
  • Customers are showing interest in studded/diamond jewellery. Demand for coloured stone and diamond jewellery increases gradually.
VM Budgets

  • The budget is largely a percentage of the marketing budget and varies year on year depending on the campaign. It varies from 3% to 10% of the project budget.
Key VM elements

  • Lighting, fragrances, hot spots to highlight out new arrivals and music is a must for the season. Tanishq also designs signature gifts for our customers for a number of festivals.
VM Innovations

  • Engaging with small self-help groups to manufacture our VM kits to ensure a customised handcrafted look for each of our stores.
  • A special zone for wedding will highlight the exciting collection for the season.
  • Festoons and focal points will give the store a happy look.
  • VM Challenges
  • Ironically holidays play the spoiler in the season as far as production and despatches are concerned. A lot of labour oriented work upsets the schedule during these holidays.
  • Transport & courier also shuts shops on these days

Visual Merchandising Plans

Sharing the process followed at Tanishq when it comes to Visual Merchandising Sukanya Gopinath, Manager – VM, Tanishq says, “The design brief for the festive season begins 4-5 months in advance in keeping with the marketing and retail calendars. Of course, certain campaigns might also be reworked due to the changes in the market scenario. Therefore it’s important for the VM concept to be able to accommodate last minute changes. However the festive season is easier to handle as the mood for the season is about the spirit and the festivities. With trend reports and market visits for new materials, a mood board is presented to the concerned departments. Post this, prototypes and samples are made and tested on site. Market surveys done during the proto phase will help with the vendor finalization and raw material procurement process. Typical production timelines are about 2 months for an all India roll out.”


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