Emerging Trends in Food and Food Service Retailing

Panel Discussion – Emerging Trends in Food and Food Service Retailing


Dimensions of Customer Service in Food Service Retailing.02

“Keeping in mind that food is a culture, there’s an immense opportunity available to offer customers traditional foods in modern packaging.” –

Ajay Gupta, Capital Foods Pvt. Ltd.

The modern trend in food retail is offering traditional food in modern format, For example, “Sattu “ (a kind of paraatha) will be available in a modernized packaging in a modern retail store.

03“There’s a huge gap in stapled food area, which occupies a large chunk in food basket, where manufacturers are not showing much interest, maybe because of unprofitability or they can’t differentiate enough. Here private labels can fill up the vacuum.” –

Raj Jain, Bharti Retail Ltd.



Food service retailing  – FSSAI Law
FSSAI law has a deep impact on industry, consumers and supply chain. Once it’s structured and implemented correctly , this law will have far reaching impact. Also, the urban consumers are experimenting with foreign flavours. There’s a rising demand for frozen traditional dairy products which requires good chilled supply chain.

Online in Food Service.
Online business in India is in a nascent stage and very small. In the context of food it has the business opportunity for wholesale business, supplying to the traders and small retailers, which can add value to the supply chain.

Supermarkets don’t have enough to offer for processed stapled foods04
“Retailers are thinking about developing products but not categories, whereas the consumers are ready to adopt it. ” –

K. Radhakrishnan, Future Fresh Foods Ltd.

Ethnicity of food is extremely strong in India. For us QSRs are meant for entertainment not our stapled food. However, dairy, meat, bakery, fruits & vegetables are the undeveloped categories in any supermarket.

Modern food retail is burdened with extremely low profit margin. Then what’s going wrong?  We don’t understanding the customers and are not offering products at justifiable prices. So modern retail needs to understand who’s the customer coming in and what’s his aspiration in terms of price, besides ensuring availability of right volume of stock.

05Consumer Behavior

“Consumers today are far more knowledgeable. ” –

Murali Krishnan, Nilgiris Dairy Farm Pvt Ltd

Consumers read the contents on the packets, and they are looking at freshness of the products. They are trying out premium as well as new brands.


Role of modern retail06

“With development of modern retail, private labels will dominate the store shelves.” –

Jamshed Daboo, Trent Hypermarket Ltd

Changing lifestyle will change the eating habits, trying out new kinds of foods will happen in a self service stores, even in a small town. This trend is just going to grow. It’s modern retail which has the potential to encourage in discovering new foods.

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