365 Days of Business

Maharashtra has taken a big step in the direction of enabling retail in the state. The Maharashtra government has allowed the shops and other establishments in the state to stay open seven days a week throughout the year. This will add up to the convenience factor of businesses, consumers as well and the economy of the state. 365 of business means 52 extra days of hope, excitement, profits and happiness! Let’s have a sneak-peek at the benefits of this decision:

To the Consumers:

1)      Convenience of shopping all year round.

2)      They need not resort to online shopping anymore due to weekly offs

3)      Customer complaints can be addressed personally on any day of the week

To the Retailers:

1)      Opportunity for retailers in Maharashtra to harness their true potential

2)      No more hassle of applying for exemptions

3)      A chance at fair competition with the online giants

To the Economy:

1)      Ample employment opportunities for the youth in Maharashtra, retail sector being one of the most employment generating sectors in the economy

2)      Boosts trade in the State.

3)      More days of shopping which will enhance more consumption and result in generating revenues

4)      Break even time can be achieved at a much earlier stage.

However, the shops will have to comply with the statutory requirements laid down by the government:

1)      Give employees a weekly off

2)      Working hours should be restricted to 9 hours a day and no more than 48 hours a week.

3)      The shop employees must have a nine-hour duty with one-hour break

4)      Above all, women employees should be allowed to leave by 9.30pm

5)      Provide women employees with the lockers and resting areas, safety being their main concern

6)      Extra staff has to be appointed for extra days

7)      No children (under 14 years) should be employed, and all employees should have an ID card.

In a bid to woo the working class and night owls, shops across the state will remain open up to 10pm, against the existing deadline of 8.30pm. Now we can surely say “Happy days are here”!

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